Who are we?

Hey, I’m Adam- Having done lots of smaller trips, it was great to do some longer and more infamous travels in 2022. What started as a 2 week trip around Italy ended up being so much more!

I work full time in hospitality (which has its benefits of being very flexible), working on starting my own business in the entertainment industry, rent and pay bills, plus manage to fit in the travels. And that’s what this is all about, showing how it is possible to do lots of different travelling while living a hectic life. Everywhere I go I love to find the random quirks of the place just by wandering around getting lost. I also enjoy doing loads of activities, like your standard tourist ones, but also stuff like escape rooms, mini golfs, amusement parks and even visiting the Hard Rock Cafe if they have one (currently at 35 different ones for anyone who counts…).

Highlights include snowmobiling around a glacier in Iceland, watching the world go by at the Grand Canyon and drinking steins of authentic German beer for 2 days at Oktoberfest! All experiences I’ll never forget, along with so many more whilst sacrificing very little to get to do them!

Hey, I’m Lauren- I’ve always been outdoorsy and loved the idea of travelling- but hadn’t done a whole lot before 2021- where I took a gap year before starting university.

I love having my rucksack on my back and think that seeing the world is so important, I’ve met such incredible people and appreciate how stunning this planet can be. The best experiences always come unexpectedly, even when not everything goes to plan.

Some of my highlights over the last few years have been the boat trip around Niagara Falls, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and seeing the Northern Lights! Yeah, travelling does cost money but there are so many tips and tricks to keep the cost manageable and I’d rather have stories to tell than things to show (and trust me I’m a student so my budget is tight!!) . Travelling seems so overwhelming to organise, especially when you’re on a budget, and so we want to share what we’ve learnt to make it seem achievable- we just wanna show how travel is totally possible for regular people!

The only question I have is, where to next? 🙂